Abadat Hussain

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Bachelor's of Mechanical Engineering 2019-2023
International Islamic University Islamabad

I believe that my educational background is compatible to study MS in Energy Resources & Petroleum Engineering as I have been working on "Production of Liquid fuel from plastic waste (polystyrene) using fast pyrolysis" from last 8 months. Me along with my group mates fabricated batch reactor and operated under different operating parameters to analyze the effect on each on product quality. I studied how operating parameters (residence time temperature, grain size, heating rate etc.) effects the fuel quality and I compare my experimental results with research papers. I performed multiple reaction to find out optimum conditions for quality product. We performed multiple chemical characterization tests at NUST Center for Advanced Studies Energy to find out the chemical composition of fuels. During testing we found our fuel flash point that was 30°C and calorific value was 45MJ / Kg which is approximately equal to petrol. We extracted the desired sample at 350°C temperature, 60min of residence time and 9°C / min of heating rate. We are continuously working on it for further improvement to find out percentage of other constituents in our product so we will perform GC-MS and CHS analyzer tests.

Work & Experience

Trainee Engineer 2019 - 2023
CDL Pakistan Railways

Maintenance and Overhauling


Kangaroo Linguistic Contest 2018
Successful Candidate Of International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest 2018
Awarded funding for our final year project from IGNITE 2023
Project " Production of liquid fuel from plastic (polystyrene) waste using pyrolysis". Awards IGNITE FUNDING Runner-up of ISF FUNDING program 2023

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