Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Arab Pakistan Private School (05 Position)

Application deadline closed.

Job Description

School Name: Sheikh Khalita Bin Zayed Arab Pakistan Private School

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE.

1) :Teacher General/Homeroom

2)  12 Grade to 6 Grade: Subject Teachers

3) Holy Quran Reciter Teacher

4) SEN – Teacher

5) Physical Education Teacher (male / female)

Job Requirements:

1) Fluency in English.
2) Minimum 3-5 years of relevant experience preferably in the UAE.
3) Pakistani National except for Arabic Language Teachers.
4) Active Zoom IDs, Mobile Numbers and Email address to be mentioned on the CVs.
5) Deadline for submission of applications/CVs’ by 24-08-2022.
6) You can submit your applications/CVs” directly in school or send your application/CU’s along with your last Degree & Professional Degrees

Email CV:

P.O. Box: 46255,

Tel: +97126487158, 97124487160

Direct Link: Apply now

Closing date: Aug 31, 2023