9 April 1987

About Candidate

16 years in Financial,procurement,logistic & supply departments. ..OPEN TO WORK.


Work & Experience

Procurement Manager 2007 - 2010

Overseeing and supervising employees and all activities of the purchasing department. Preparing plans for the purchase of equipment, services, and supplies. Following and enforcing the company's procurement policies and procedures. Reviewing, comparing, analyzing, and approving products and services to be purchased. Managing inventories and maintaining accurate purchase and pricing records. Maintaining and updating supplier information such as qualifications, delivery times, product ranges, etc. Maintaining good supplier relations and negotiating contracts. Researching and evaluating prospective suppliers. Preparing budgets, cost analyses, and reports

Finance and payroll manager 2010 - 2013

Work closely with the CD and OD on the overall financial management of the program, cost efficiency, and optimization of office resources. Oversee financial aspects of all program activities, including procurement, program budgeting and reporting. Ensure that all financial management, accounting, and procurement is in compliance with local government regulations, U.S. government regulations, and policy. Ensure that incurred costs are allowable, allocable, and reasonable in accordance with USG cost principles and procedures. Ensure that appropriate financial record-keeping policies and practices are established and maintained. Primary bookkeeping responsibility for establishing, maintaining, and reconciling.

Senior Procurement and logistics Executive 2013 - 2015

Follow up the Project Budget • Obtain the budget costs of system, assemblies, equipment, materials and labor. • Preparation of a Budgeting and Cost Management Plan including updates • Establishing the cost centers and cost codes for the Project • Preparation of a Budget Estimate and updates thereof for approval by the Client of construction costs. Monitoring projected expenditure against allowances made in the approved Budget Estimate. • Preparation and submission of Project cash flow forecasts and monthly updates thereof at the completion of each design and tender documentation stage covering consultancy agreements and construction contracts. • Provide cost advice during the final development of the design, including cost comparisons reviews of alternative design or construction solutions. • Provide budget updates in such form and with such details as may be requested by the Client • Follow up of all contractual issues and monitor their cost impact.

Project cost control manager 2015 - 2018

Ensure full coherence and utilisation of the Cost Control System and that it aligns with the Work Breakdown Structure for budgeting purposes and reporting key performance indicators throughout the project  Continuously interface with the Project Financial Control department to provide accurate cash flow forecasts and profit release as well as to obtain the actual cost expenditures  Establish and communicate processes and routines required for effective control and reporting during the project lifecycle to team members with consideration of financial and other compliance legislation  Establish a project coding structure in accordance with the Group Guidelines and taking into consideration the interface with the Project Planning Function, where applicable  Ensure the use of standard, appropriate templates for internal performance and customer reporting

Lead Coordinator and procurement specialist 2018 - /
Ministry of finance in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Creating and updating employee training programs to ensure that all staff members are familiar with current policies and procedures  Interviewing candidates for new positions, hiring new employees when necessary, and terminating employees when appropriate  Reviewing financial statements and other reports prepared by staff accountants or in-house accounting departments  Monitoring employee attendance, productivity levels, and performance to ensure that goals are being met  Coordinating with other departments to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget requirements